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"Games don't kill people, I kill people."

~ Duke Nukem on you know what

See, a game is an unusual human construction designed to delete vast swaths of unwanted time, which if left untreated could grow into a serious case of boredom, characterized by the classic signs of nail biting, Oprah watching and sibling beating. Although various other means of time deletion have also been developed over the ages, eg. cyanide tablets, sex, and sheep sex, none quite so manage to bring together multiple human psyches in such a delightful yet tension filled and aggressive way as games do, over such objects as large masses of liquid crystals, cathode rays or even flat cardboard pieces.

Recent major developments in gaming include American politics, and the Uncyclopedia.

Rule of Thumb: Games are fun until someone loses an eye. After that, you will most likely be PWNED!!!!!


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